With crude oil prices at near 6-month highs and a strengthening economy, gasoline prices in the U.S. have risen more than 25 percent in the past 3 months. In response, GasBuddy Organization Inc. has developed a collection of gas price information web sites that claim to help motorists save money on gasoline by locating the lowest gas prices in their local area. According to the Organization, gasoline prices are known to change frequently and may vary by as much as 10-20 cents per gallon within only a few blocks. By visiting www.GasBuddy.com and selecting your city or state from the list of supported areas, web site visitors have the ability to identify the lowest priced gasoline as well as submit gas prices that they spot in their area so that all motorists can quickly find local area prices. The web site then tracks the recent low and high prices at the pump, along with the name of the gas station and the location. In addition, the site claims to contain many other useful fuel related links, fuel saving tips, a live discussion forum and an on-line fuel economy monitoring tool. Free membership is available to all site visitors, according to the organization.