NSW Road and Maritime Services issued an announcement stating that cash booths on the M5 would be replaced by cashless tolling beginning in July. The M5 was the last motorway in Australia to still possess cash booths. The new cashless tolling system will "bring it in line" with the rest of the nation's toll roads.

A toll gantry and system has already been installed on the M5 earlier in the year and is currently being tested.

Until September, those driving fleet vehicles may hear two beeps coming from their etag - one under the existing toll gantry and the other under the new cashless tolling system.

According to NSW Road and Maritime Services, the etags will only be charged once.

Drivers should also be aware that the conversion to cashless tolling may affect traffic conditions on the M5. Over the next few months, road work will be carried out to remove the cash booths and realign lanes.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet