TomTom today announces it has deployed its advanced Mobile Mapping (MoMa) technology in the country. The phased MoMa program aims to provide road users with the most accurate maps of over 85,000 kilometres of the country’s road network by early 2014.

To date, over 10,000 kilometres of São Paulo state have already been driven by the MoMa car, identifying more than 17,000 changes to the map, ranging from new speed limits, lane changes to new toll roads or updates to road restrictions.

Map updates have also been incorporated via TomTom’s MapShare crowd sourcing functionality, which enables users to report changes directly to TomTom for actioning, of which over 250,000 are reported every month.

TomTom’s Mobile Mapping vehicles are equipped with state of the art technologies to capture unprecedented road network information, including HD 360-degree cameras, laser scanners and high-precision GPS.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet