When it comes to driving at night, new technologies in the development of headlights could make your ride safer. High Intensity Discharge lights, or HIDs, give you three times more light than you get from traditional headlights, helping you see further down the road and more of what's around you -- things like street signs, and upcoming curves or turns. "The main advantage is that additional light is going to increase your nighttime visibility," said Paul Young of Siemens Sylvania. "Even if you have diminished nighttime vision, this is going to be a major enhancement for you. You're going to be able to see much more of what's going on in the road at night and potentially avoid road hazards." Xenarc HIDs produce 70 percent more usable light than traditional headlights, according to Young. "It's going to be crisper, whiter and allow much more visibility - so you can immediately see the difference on the road between an HID light and an incandescent light," Young said. "They clearly pierce the darkness much better, much farther, and in the right place," said Jean Jennings of Automobile Magazine. "I don't know why everyone doesn't have them." For more information on Xenarc HID's, including whether your car can be upgraded using this latest technology, visit your local Auto Parts dealer, or visit www.sylvania.com.