An icon of the Cold War, China's Red Flag Limo disappeared in 1981, but is being revived as part of President Xi Jinping's "China Dream," according to a report by the Associated Press.

The newly designed L7 model measures 20-feet long and is powered by a 12-cylinder engine. The L7 is designed for foreign dignataries and official with the rank of minister. Top Chinese officials have access to the larger L9, which includes an armored chassis, rear-opening "suicide doors," and an optional sun roof.

Known also by its Chinese name Hong Qi (hong-CHEE), the revival of the Red Flag limo reflects President Xi Jinping's promotion of the "China Dream," a vague concept intented to instill national pride and fire China's further development, according to the AP report.

The Red Flag is produced by China's First Auto Works (FAW).

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet