U.S. Bank Voyager Fleet Systems Inc. announced June 3 that it is offering FuelForce, a fuel management tool powered by Multiforce Systems Corporation. According to the company, FuelForce authorizes and controls the dispensing of products to fleet vehicles from any number of sites while collecting fuel usage and vehicle data for fleet management. The partnership between U.S. Bank Voyager and Multiforce integrates the Voyager Universal Fleet Credit Card program with the FuelForce automated fuel management system, creating a fuel management solution for fleets that uses a combination of on- and off-site retail fueling. The company says FuelForce eliminates the need for manual data consolidation, manipulation and analysis and improves corporate efficiencies by automatically integrating data from multiple retail and bulk fueling locations. U.S. Bank Voyager says because of the flexibility of the FuelForce software, fleet managers can analyze fuel consumption data and create their own fuel management reports. The system uses a U.S. Bank Voyager fleet card or keypad entry to authorize fuel at any in-house dispenser. Additional proprietary cards or keys are not required. According to the company, the FuelForce island controller can accept a U.S. Bank Voyager Universal Fleet Card from a pre-authorized "third party" without dialing a network for authorization. A list of U.S. Bank Voyager account numbers, drivers, vehicles and a current valid vehicle odometer reading reside in a distributed database at each fuel island controller. The FuelForce fuel management system includes a communication package that polls all sites without requiring operator intervention. Multiforce Systems Corporation, founded in 1981, say they pioneered the concept of an automated fueling system that required no cards, keys, or other input devices for authorization. The first FuelForce automated fueling system was installed in 1984. Today, FuelForce serves over 100 customers at more than 650 sites across the country. Multiforce designs, builds and maintains its own controllers and develops all software in-house. Additional information can be found on the Multiforce website at fuelforce.com. U.S. Bank Voyager Fleet Systems Inc., is a provider of the universal fleet fueling and maintenance card for over 1.3 million vehicles. Specifically designed to serve the needs of any size fleet, the Voyager Universal Fleet Card that is accepted at over 165,000 retail locations in all 50 states and provides fleet management information services to commercial businesses and government agencies. Additional information can be found on the U.S. Bank Voyager website at voyagerfleet.com. Voyager is a wholly owned subsidiary of Minneapolis-based U.S. Bancorp. For more information, visit U.S. Bancorp on the web at usbank.com.