Nissan has unveiled a new IT system for light-duty commercial vehicles that can provide fleet managers and drivers with driving behavior and vehicle maintenance information. The company showed the new system at its Nissan 360 event in Irvine, California. Nissan stated it plans to start install the system in vehicles for business owners being considered for future launches.

The service links a smartphone or other connected device wirelessly to a Nissan vehicle’s IT system. The system then uploads data to the cloud by using the mobile telephony network, allowing fleet managers to access the information remotely.

Services the system provides to drivers include notifying them when the vehicle exceeds pre-set speeds, providing eco-driving and smart driving results, and automatically notifying drivers of electric vehicle charging stations when a vehicle’s battery capacity is low (for example when driving Nissan’s LEAF).

For fleet managers, the system can confirm a given vehicle’s location, provide vehicle maintenance information (including maintenance timing based on miles driven, provide eco-driving and smart driving information for each driver, provide electricity mileage information (for EVs), and confirm charging status and battery condition (also for EVs).

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet