Nissan stated it expects to hit a global sales milestone of 200,000 units of its NV200 light-duty commercial van by the end of 2013. As of July, the company had sold 1,577 vans in the U.S. The vehicle went on sale in March of this year (2013), and has grown in monthly sales volume since the company started selling the vehicle (47 units in March, 200 in April, 341 in May, 493 in June, and 496 in July, according to Nissan’s monthly sales reports).

Contributing to these sales projections is the vehicle’s current and upcoming use in taxi fleets around the world, including the vehicle’s selection as New York City’s “Taxi of Tomorrow” and in Japan as the NV200 Vanette taxi.

The vehicle won a number of awards, including the 2010 International Van of the Year award in Europe and the 2010 Commercial Delivery Van (CDV) of the Year in China. Nissan received the 2011 Universal Design Award for the vehicle from Universal Design GMbH, a German organization dedicated to promoting the convergence of design and the emerging importance of customer needs, as well as the 2011 Universal Design Consumer's Favorite Award.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet