In partnership with Enterprise Fleet Management, Dawood Engineering Inc. is one of the first small businesses in Pennsylvania to drive a vehicle with a factory-installed dual-fuel compressed natural gas (CNG) system. The new 2013 Dodge Ram 2500 was presented at an unveiling ceremony at Dawood’s headquarters in Enola, Pa.

“Dawood is excited to be one of the first small businesses in the state to drive a CNG vehicle,” says Bony R. Dawood, president of Dawood. “We are delighted to have the opportunity to support the local natural gas industry, which has a major presence in our state and is one of our largest customers.”

Acquired through Enterprise Fleet Management, a fleet management company for businesses with medium-size fleets, the factory-installed CNG pickup truck features a special engine calibration along with a body built to accommodate two separate fuel sources, as well as a single door for both CNG and regular fuel ports.

Dawood’s first CNG vehicle is based at its Sayre location in northeastern Pennsylvania, where it has convenient access to three public CNG fueling stations.

“In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and being more environmentally friendly than gasoline or diesel, compressed natural gas is a locally produced fuel that is important to our local economy, local job opportunities and local communities throughout Pennsylvania,” says Dawood.

According to Dawood, while CNG achieves nearly identical mileage as unleaded regular gasoline, it costs approximately one-third less and will help control fuel costs. In addition, because natural gas burns so cleanly, maintenance costs may be lower with less wear and tear on the engine and longer intervals between tune-ups and oil changes.