DaimlerChrysler AG's Chrysler Group plans to roll out more variants of its PT Cruiser small crossover wagon, including a turbo-charged model, a "PT Chrome" model with chrome accents around the interior and exterior, a "Woody" model, a convertible and a PT Cruiser with factory-applied flames on the front end, according to a Wall Street Journal story by Joseph B. White. Chrysler is looking to the limited-production specialty Cruiser models to sustain consumer interest in the overall PT Cruiser line as the company looks to expand production and sales toward 250,000 vehicles a year, according to the Journal. Chrysler sold 144,717 PT Cruisers last year. This year, sales are up 1.2 percent, while overall U.S. car sales are down 2.7 percent. But Chrysler dealers have 65 days' supply of PT Cruisers on hand as of the end of May. That level is considered average for a mass-market vehicle, but it is higher than the 35-day supply a year earlier, indicating a cooling in consumer ardor for the current model, the Journal said.