Motorola, Inc. announced June 17 it has completed a licensing agreement with Cellport Systems, a provider of universal connectivity solutions for automotive wireless communications and telematics systems. Motorola says it will collaborate with Cellport on the development and promotion of Cellport Connect, a communications connectivity platform that will supposedly broaden the implementation of universal interface for portable wireless phones brought into the vehicle. Using Cellport Connect, Motorola says it will extend its current telematics portfolio to provide hands-free support for a variety of cellular phones including different models and brands of manufacture. "Motorola's agreement and collaboration with Cellport will create greater in-vehicle phone and telematics options," said Ray Sokola, corporate vice president and general manager, Motorola, Inc. "By working towards a universal connectivity solution, Motorola will allow consumers to connect their personal phone to the telematics system and benefit from the improvements in audio quality and functionality provided by these on board solutions today." "Cellport's leadership in telematics architectures and software development combined with Motorola's excellence in product development and delivery will serve the automotive community very well," said Pat Kennedy, CEO of Cellport. "Cellport's technology will broaden the appeal of Motorola's telematics solutions through increased versatility resulting in increased market adoption by a greater number of consumers." About Cellport Systems Cellport Systems provides in-vehicle wireless communications and telematics systems. The Cellport Global Partners program is expanding Cellport's connectivity technology around the globe through partnerships and licensing relationships with partners in Europe, North America and Asia. Investors in Cellport Systems include AT&T Wireless Services, Cisco Systems and Omron Corporation. The company is privately held, with corporate headquarters in Boulder, Colorado and regional offices in Detroit and Tokyo. For more information, visit the Cellport Systems Web site at Motorola Automotive Motorola, Inc. is a global supplier of automotive electronics, telematics, communications, and software systems. Motorola Automotive Communications & Electronics Systems Group (ACES) is a division of Motorola's Integrated Electronic Systems Sector (IESS), a provider of advanced electronic products and systems for customers integrating electronics into their products. More information can be found at