The LeasePlan 50th Birthday Relay has successfully come to an end. In 5 weeks, 25 teams of LeasePlan employees steered a regular gasoline powered Audi across 24 European countries with one team handing over the car to the next at LeasePlan offices. All 55 drivers were challenged to use as little fuel as possible.

The anniversary tour ended on October 7 at the LeasePlan Corporation office building, in Almere, Netherlands, after 19,142 kilometers, a number of ferry crossings, a return trip on the channel tunnel and only one flat tire. Two drivers from LeasePlan Germany, Benjamin Jahnke and Emanuela Reiners drove the final 240 kilometers. LeasePlan CEO Vahid Daemi welcomed them, together with the mayor of Almere  and many LeasePlan colleagues. The safe arrival of the car was celebrated with fireworks and speeches.

LeasePlan chose to use a regular gasoline powered car for the Relay as this fuel type is still the most widely used in the fleets of its customers, according to the company. Thanks to an advanced telematics solution, powered by Bosch, fuel efficiency was monitored real time all through the entire Relay.

LeasePlan Russia drivers Tuula Kärkkäinen and Victoria Solovenchuk achieved the best performance:  5.39 litres per 100 kilometers during their trip from Moscow to Warsaw, according to the company. LeasePlan will be sharing the experiences in the field of effective economical driving with its clients. The retail value of the car will be donated to a charitable cause.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet