Peru's President Ollanta Humala recently made the official presentation of the country’s new police patrol fleet, which is composed of 500 vehicles, to strengthen Peru’s National Police (PNP) to fight crime and improve citizen safety across the country, according to a report in Andina.

During his remarks, the Peruvian leader stressed the force of law will greatly benefit when doing patrolling from these latest-tech vehicles as they have the ability to manage a police report. Likewise, President Humala announced the upcoming purchase of a new fleet of smart police patrol cars and noted these acquisitions are part of the government's national security policy framework, according to the Andina report.

Humala pointed out that since the beginning of his administration a comprehensive reform in the police force is taking place, including a range of measures such as increasing salaries and implementing staff training programs, according to the report.

Accompanying the President were the head of Peru's Ministerial Cabinet, Cesar Villanueva, and Interior Minister Wilfredo Pedraza.

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