McCain's "Jacket Taxi" smelled as delicious as it looked.

McCain's "Jacket Taxi" smelled as delicious as it looked.

There's nothing quite like the mouth-watering taste and smell of an oven-baked "jacket" potato, so McCain designed a so-called "Jacket Taxi," which does just that. Recently finishing a six UK city tour, passengers enjoyed a free ride and were offered a piping hot jacket potato, made in the taxi, at the end of five minute journey-the time it takes to cook the McCain Ready Baked Jacket.

The production of the taxi took five weeks to complete and several potato designs were considered for the giant steaming Ready Baked Jacket which sits on top of the taxi. It was adapted inside to house the cooking facilities needed for the perfect McCain Ready Baked Jacket in just five minutes, as well as featuring a flip down tablet screen from the roof.

In addition, McCain's potato experts used their specialist knowledge to recreate the warm delicious scent of oven-baked potatoes which was emitted from the giant jacket potato on the roof of the taxi, according to the company. This allowed passers-by to enjoy the appetizing aroma of warm jacket potatoes as it travels through London, Birmingham, Manchester, York, Leeds, and Bristol.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet