Build-To-Order, Inc. (BTO), a new American car company, announced June 25 it has selected Deloitte Consulting to guide BTO's technical and business development efforts during the build-out phase of an end-to-end application architecture and partnering efforts with each of the enabling technology providers. BTO says it went through an extensive evaluation process prior to this strategic selection. "Deloitte was the clear leader in terms of capabilities, operational depth in the automotive sector, and prior experience in this area," said Scott Painter, BTO chairman. BTO is making extensive use of Deloitte's tools in the areas of business model innovation as well as process and technology development to achieve further definition of the entire operating model and its business processes. BTO says it is also gaining from Deloitte's expertise for all aspects of systems development - from requirements definition and vendor evaluation to deployment and integration. "Deloitte has a strong appreciation for the fundamental differences in BTO's approach and are willing to bring experts from consumer electronics, retail, and other industries in addition to automotive to aid the BTO effort in achieving the best processes and solutions possible," said William Santana Li, BTO president and CEO. "BTO is the next step for the automotive industry. Achieving low volume profitability will require a fundamental shift in supply chain management and distribution. To date, no one company has been able to achieve the system wide improvements that BTO is seeking. Deloitte is excited to be a part of this effort and we are looking forward to helping to architect a collaborative pull-based model that will result in better business economics and a customer centric focus. If successful, these principles will benefit the entire industry," said Paul Wellener, Global Automotive Practice leader and Deloitte Consulting principal. "Deloitte has conducted months of due diligence on BTO and we are convinced that the business model is sound and will bring new meaning to order-to-delivery initiatives. We are excited about playing a key role in the development and launch of an all-new American car company based on a fundamentally different business model," concluded Wellener. About Build-To-Order Incorporated (BTO)

Build-To-Order, Inc. (BTO) is a new American car company that is developing a portfolio of vehicles, built off the same platform, sharing major parts and components and individualized to customer specifications. Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, BTO says it is focused on offering customers up-front pricing and a better car buying and ownership experience. All BTO vehicles will be built in direct response to a customer order so customers never have to settle for what is in stock. By employing contract engineering and assembly, BTO will integrate the industry's best practices into one system. For more information about Build-To-Order, please visit About Deloitte Consulting

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