Whenever your drivers enter a roadway work zone, their focus needs to be heightened so they can respond quickly to the unexpected. Here are some tips on work zone safety from the Federal Highway Administration Safety Program. You may want to pass them along to your fleet drivers as a friendly reminder.

1. Stay alert and minimize distractions.

  • Dedicate your full attention to the roadway.
  • Avoid changing the radio station, using a mobile phone, eating or other distractions that can remove your concentration from the road.

2. Keep your headlights on.

3. Pay attention to the road.

  • Follow the signs.
  • Watch brake lights on vehicles ahead.
  • Watch traffic around you and be prepared to react.

4. Merge into the proper lane.

  • Merge well before you reach the lane closure.
  • Be aware that traffic patterns can change daily.

5. Don't tailgate.

  • Follow other vehicles at a safe distance.

6. Obey the posted speed limit.

  • Workers may be present just feet away.
  • Fines may be doubled for moving traffic violations.
  • Be prepared to slow down further if conditions indicate the need.

7. Change lanes safely.

  • Change lanes only where pavement markings indicate, and only when traffic conditions permit.

8. Follow instructions from flaggers.

9. Expect the unexpected.

  • Workers, work vehicles or equipment may enter your lane without warning.
  • Other vehicles may slow, stop or change lanes unexpectedly.

10. Be patient.

Here is a video on work zone safety from the Texas Department of Transportation and Associated General Contractors of Texas.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet