The Renault Duster is among the vehicles manufactured by the automaker in Brazil

The Renault Duster is among the vehicles manufactured by the automaker in Brazil

Renault is the number-five brand in Brazil (with a 6.5 percent share of the market at the end of November 2013), and has far outpaced the market in the past three years, according to the company. Brazil is now the second biggest market for Renault, and sales there grew by 24.3 percent in 2012, four times as fast as the market (6.1 percent). Brazil is also the fourth-biggest car market in the world.

Renault’s major conquests in the Brazilian market over the past 15 years are supported by a manufacturing base consisting of three plants at the Ayrton Senna complex located in Curitiba: a passenger-car plant, a light commercial vehicle plant and an engine plant. The plants export to the whole of Latin America. Manufacturing close to markets cuts customs duties and logistics costs, and enables Renault to be more responsive and adapt to the tastes and expectations of regional customers.

In March 2013, the Curitiba plant reopened after massive extension work, which was completed in just two months at an investment cost of R$500 million (approximately €193 million). Production capacity at the passenger-car plant, which makes Renault Duster, Sandero, Logan and Mégane 2, has been increased from 220,000 to 320,000 units a year. Production capacity at the engine plant has increased 25 percent, from 400,000 units a year in 2012 to 500,000 units a year in 2013, according to the automaker.

In addition to the manufacturing plants, Renault said its growth strategy in Brazil also involves expanding the network, and renewing and extending the product range. A strategy designed to achieved an ambitious target: 8 percent market share by 2016.

The network of dealerships is a fundamental lever for Renault’s sales growth in Brazil, according to the automaker. The network has gained 100 new outlets in the past three years alone. The expansion plans continued in 2013 and should result in 40 new dealerships, which is 17 percent more than in 2012, making a total of 275 dealerships, covering 83 percent of the country.

As for the extension and renewal of the range, more than 20 new models have been launched since 2011. Renault released two new products in 2013: the completely remodeled New Master – which is exactly the same as the model sold in Europe, which offers more than 70 different configurations – and New Logan. The product range is positioned to meet the needs of South American customers, who appreciate the models’ robust design, low running costs, interior space and three-year warranties, according to automaker.

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