Photo credit: GM

Photo credit: GM

Chevrolet recently announced at the Consumer Electronics Show that the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette, Impala, Malibu and Volt would be the first General Motors’ vehicles to come optionally equipped with OnStar 4G LTE. The Equinox, Silverado, Silverado HD, Spark and Spark EV will follow.

In the Canadian market, OnStar with 4G LTE will also be introduced on the Chevrolet Trax. At vehicle launch, the majority of the 2015 Chevrolet lineup in the U.S and Canada will have a 4G LTE connection built-in.

“Chevrolet is expected to implement the broadest deployment of 4G LTE in the automotive industry,” said Alan Batey, senior vice president of Global Chevrolet. “The fact that OnStar with 4G LTE will be available in models that range from the Chevrolet Spark to the Silverado to the Corvette is indicative of our broad commitment to deliver more value and convenience through smart technology applications. …”

According to GM, the 4G LTE rollout will bring a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, which allows passengers to connect their personal devices — such as smartphones, laptops and tablets — to high-speed wireless Internet. Each vehicle can accommodate multiple devices at one time.

“We know that our customers rely on being connected on a daily, if not hourly basis, and they expect to be provided with the information and content they desire with no interruptions,” said Mary Chan, president of GM’s Global Connected Consumer. “A 4G LTE hotspot that’s built into a car’s architecture will provide a more consistent and powerful Wi-Fi connection than a smartphone.”

In collaboration with AT&T, the data connection in the car will be fast – and flexible, says GM. Current AT&T customers will be able to add their vehicle to a shareable bucket of data through AT&T Mobile Share plans. In addition, all drivers can also pay for data as a standalone option.

Additional pricing and data packages for OnStar 4G LTE will be announced later in 2014, says GM.