As part of the government's push to promote frugality and eliminate waste, the China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) will eliminate foreign-branded vehicles from its fleet, according to a Bloomberg report.

A list of the now-banned foreign-badged vehicles was published by the  PLA Daily, the official newspaper of the Chinese armed forces, and included Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lincoln, Cadillac, Volkswagen Phaeton, Benley, Jauar, and Porsche.

In addition to the ban on luxury automobiles, the PLA has also limited offical trips and "lavish" receptions, and banned its members from accepting gifts and souvenirs, according to the Bloomberg report.

Local Chinese automakers, including China FAW Group and SAIC MOtor Corp, have stepped in to develop premium models, anticipating that the government will help them revamp their image as the produces of cheap, utilitarian vehicles, according to Bloomberg.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet