Ford Motor Company has launched a new warranty on Genuine Ford and Motorcraft service parts that doubles the time and extends a vehicle's covered mileage.

The new warranty provides unlimited mileage coverage for 24 months from time of purchase or installation. The previous warranty ended the coverage at 12,000 miles.

Ford will also now reimburse fleets and independent repair facilities up to $150 in labor coverage. Ford continues a No Commercial Exceptions policy as a commitment to fleet customers. 

The new Service Parts Warranty (SPW) applies to all Motorcraft and Genuine Ford parts sold to customers or installed on a customer-paid repair, effective Oct. 1, 2013.

Now SPW labor for parts sold over the counter is reimbursable to requesting fleets and installers at limit of $150 per repair. Previously, they had no labor prevision on replacement parts bought over the counter.

A greater SPW coverage remains unchanged on parts with unique warranty coverage including sheet metal, gas engine and transmission assemblies, diesel engine assemblies, and more. 

View a full warranty summary here

Check out a video all about the new Motorcraft warranty below: 

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet