Photo via Wikimedia.

Photo via Wikimedia.

That national average price of gasoline remained essentially flat at $3.295 a gallon for the week ending Monday, reported the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

For the week ending Jan. 27, the average price fell one tenths of a cent. The current price is 6.2 cents lower than it was a year ago.

The New England region saw the biggest drop in the past week as prices fell 2.6 cents to $3.464. Prices rose 1.9 cents to $3.219 in the Midwest region. There are currently no states where the average price is lower than $3 a gallon, according to the AAA's Daily Fuel Gauge Report. Hawaii remains the most expensive at $4.018 per gallon.

Meanwhile, the national average price for diesel fuel rose 3.1 cents to $3.904 per gallon. Diesel is 2.3 cents lower than it was ayear ago.

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