There once was a time when motorists had only one choice to hear news and entertainment in their car -- an AM radio with a single speaker. But today, even the terms "car stereo" and "cassette deck" are becoming antiquated. The new buzz phrase is "in-car entertainment" -- products that include digital satellite radio, CD changers, digital audio jukeboxes, surround sound, DVD players and LCD TV screens, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The Joyride, which also picks up Sirius radio, is geared for the luxury car market, where video systems are becoming standard equipment. But car video systems are becoming a popular option in other segments of the new car market, especially if the car buyer has kids, according to Paul Taylor, chief economist with the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA). "They're the new babysitter in things like vans or minivans or other vehicles used by families and large groups to take long trips," Taylor said.