The Text-STAR app from Cinqpoint LLC.

The Text-STAR app from Cinqpoint LLC. 

Cinqpoint LLC has just released the latest version of text-STAR, a driver safety app for Android devices. It is now available on Google Play.

The app, part of the patent-pending text-STAR Road Safety System, can now generate a safe texting accountability report. This report, which includes the driver's text-STAR score, is available to all registered text-STAR users.

Text-STAR is non-invasive and user friendly, the manufacturer said. It doesn’t require hardware in the vehicle and doesn’t block or hinder phone functionality. Instead, TextSTAR motivates driver behavioral changes through its available tools and personal accountability report.

The text-STAR report reflects the driver's propensity for mobile technology use while in motion. The calculated score for the individual driver reflects his or her phone usage and its associated level of risk.

“The level of depth and sophistication embedded within the text-STAR Road Safety System is absolutely vital in winning the fight against phone-related distracted driving, reaching newer areas of phone distractibility,” Cinqpoint said.

Mobile devices can pose a number of driver distractions beyond phone conversations and texting. Last year in Arizona, a 33-year-old truck driver with an empty fuel tanker rammed into first responders at 65 mph, killing a 47-year-old police officer. Officials later released video footage that showed the driver viewing images on Facebook at the time of the accident.  

The text-STAR score includes an "other app use" category within the text-STAR report details. Cinqpoint officials believe this level of detail can help make drivers more accountable and promote positive changes in driver behavior.

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Originally posted on Automotive Fleet