VIDEO: Checking Headlamp Alignment

Here’s a tip you may want to pass along to your drivers as a friendly reminder.

Have you noticed recently that it’s tougher to see the road ahead at night? Have any other drivers flashed their lights at you recently – even though your headlights were clearly on? The problem could be that your headlamps are misaligned. Instead of being aimed to illuminate the road ahead, they’re blinding other drivers. It’s a surprisingly common problem, especially for drivers that occasionally haul heavy loads in the trunk.

The ideal procedure for checking alignment varies a little, depending on the vehicle manufacturer and type of headlamp. But this video from Ford demonstrates how a simple test can help identify whether your lights are on target or off-kilter. Don’t worry if the prospect of a do-it-yourself remedy intimidates you – it’s an easy fix by a mechanic. What’s important is that you resolve the problem, improve your driving visibility at night and stop posing a hazard for other drivers.

To view the video, click on the link or photo above.

If you want to learn more about headlight alignment, you can check out this story from Popular Mechanics

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet