Photo via  Wikimedia .

Photo via Wikimedia.

The national average price of gasoline jumped 7.1 cents to $3.38 per gallon for the week ending Monday, according to federal data released Tuesday.

The price of gasoline has been steadily rising since mid-November when it reached a three-year low at $3.194 per gallon. The price of gasoline today remains lower that it was a year ago, when it was 3.67 cents higher, reports the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Prices rose in all regions tracked by the U.S. EIA. The sharpest increase came in the Rocky Mountain region, where gasoline rose 10.2 cents to $3.239 per gallon. In AAA's Daily Fuel Gauge Report, states also saw rising prices, as only Montana remained below $3.10 per gallon.

Meanwhile, the average price of diesel fuel also rose during the week. Diesel fuel rose 1.2 cents to $3.989 per gallon. Diesel is 16.8 cents lower than it was a year ago.

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