VIDEO: Windy Weather Driving Tips

March is typically a windy month, posing a variety of challenges for drivers. In windy conditions, it’s important to maintain safe distances from other vehicles, particularly big commercial trucks, buses, RVs and trailers being towed. With a sudden gust of wind, these vehicles can quickly swing out and collide with your vehicle. What’s more, they are more prone to tipping over in high winds. 

Of course, bicyclists and motorcycle riders can easily lose control as well.

Keep in mind that your own vehicle is more susceptible to high winds throwing it off-course on open stretches of road, when passing bridges or gaps in high shrubbery, or when passing a big truck, according to the Automobile Association. Steer with both hands on the wheel and adjust your speed.

Click on the photo or link above to watch an Illinois DOT video offering five safety tips for driving in windy conditions. You may want to pass this along to your fleet drivers.

To see how winds in Idaho last week wreaked havoc and flipped over four semi trucks, click on the photo below.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet