Photo courtesy of Ram Trucks.

Photo courtesy of Ram Trucks.

Ram Trucks will adjust the stated cargo volume for its ProMaster van so it complies with U.S. specifications rather than the European specifications of its Fiat counterpart.

When Ram introduced the full-size van, which is based on the Fiat Ducato, Ram converted the cargo capacity from the Ducato's European specification from 15 cubic meters to 530 cubic feet.

The ProMaster will likely provide between 450 and 475 cubic feet of cargo capacity under U.S. specifications.

In Europe, commercial vans follow the more generous European EMEA standard that allows total space including space above and between seats to be counted. In the U.S., only van cargo storage behind the seats can be counted under the Society of Automotive Engineers' J1100 standard.

"We are now measuring it out to SAE standards for the U.S. market," said Nick Cappa, a Ram spokesman. "We are going to give measurements for the ProMaster that are in line with J1100."

Cappa said Ram will release the new specifications shortly.

Since its introduction in October, the ProMaster has seen strong demand, Cappa said. The van is the only full-size front-wheel drive commercial van offered. Since its introduction, the van has seen recalls for a stuck accelerator pedal and brake hose.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet