Photo: Scania

Photo: Scania

Scania will deliver 62 buses for Mexico City’s public transport system. In addition, Scania will provide workshop services for the entire fleet, vehicle follow-up as well as driver training and coaching.

The buses will be body built by the Brazilian company Neobus and will operate on the new 21.3-kilometer Mexibus line 2, one of the city's longest bus corridors with 42 stops. It is expected to serve some 211,000 passengers per day and will run through Cuatitlán Izcalli, the country’s most populous municipality, according to Scania.

Mexico has adopted an ambitious program to establish bus rapid transit systems to replace the many privately owned minibuses that currently provide the bulk of urban public transport.

In Mexico, Scania has a market share of well over half of long-distance coaches but has not been active to date in delivering city buses, according to the company.

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