AJG Parcels Ltd., which operates in the Scottish Highlands, Islands, and Argyll, is set to take delivery of 30 Volkswagen Crafter vans.

The firm said it chose the Volkswagen Crafter because of its reliability, low running costs and ability to deliver large volumes of goods in some of the UK’s most remote locations in all conditions. Thanks to its flexible load area (up to 17m3) and heavy-duty payloads (up to 2,604kg), the Crafter was the perfect choice for AJG Parcels when it came to replacing its fleet.

“Reliability is key in the parcel industry, where we constantly find ourselves working under time-critical conditions. This is why we had no hesitation in turning to Volkswagen when it came to updating our fleet,” said Fraser MacLean, operations director at AJG Parcels Ltd. “This order signals the final stages of a significant investment geared at updating over 25 per cent of our delivery vehicles with more up-to-date models. With a solid reputation for quality and dependability, combined with vehicles’ residual values, Volkswagen was an obvious choice for our business.”

The firm was founded 22 years ago as a husband and wife operation delivering just 20 parcels a day. Today, it boasts a 150-strong workforce and handles over 9,000 parcel deliveries plus 800 parcel collections every day with its delivery network spread throughout Argyll, Highlands and Islands.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet