Photo courtesy of Hino Trucks.

Photo courtesy of Hino Trucks.

Telogis and Hino Trucks have partnered to release the next-generation platform for Hino INSIGHT, the company’s web-based location and telematics solution.

“With Hino, our philosophy is always to work to provide customers with the lowest cost of ownership,” said Glenn Ellis, vice president of marketing, product planning and dealer operations at Hino Motor Sales USA. “We looked for a strategic partner that had similar values and the same focus as our company.”

Launching this summer, the Telogis-powered Hino INSIGHT 2.0 will continue to be a standard fit on the 2015-MY Hino 195h and 195h-DC hybrid models — and as an option on the 195 and 195-DC models and the full conventional truck product lineup.

The Hino INSIGHT 2.0 will help customers save money, increase safety and improve operations by providing information required to optimize their fleets, according to the companies.

In addition, customers could get the Hino INSIGHT 2.0 directly from the factory rather than obtaining the system as an aftermarket option. “From the OEM standpoint, an aftermarket option is typically more costly than a factory option,” said Ellis. “It is our strategy to price it so it’s below what an aftermarket installation would be.”

The product and service suite will provide Hino customers with access to Telogis’ location intelligence platform, which includes solutions for route optimization, real-time work order management, truck-specific navigation, telematics and mobile integration services, says the company.

One of the new features is a benchmark report, according to Ellis. “We can compare how a beverage fleet is operating to all other like fleet types. This data could help improve fleet performance.”

The Hino INSIGHT 2.0 will continue to provide customers with its unique dashboard, which is specifically designed for fleet managers to gain a daily snapshot of their fleet’s critical diagnostics status and performance against established targets, according to the companies. The dashboard allows fleet managers to simultaneously access key metrics and real-time vehicle and driver-related information.

At this year’s Work Truck Show in March, Telogis announced another OEM partnership. It is joining forces with GM to provide a fleet telematics solution on GM products. Click here to read more.

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