Fleetmatics is celebrating its 10th anniversary as a provider of a global SaaS-based telematics platform.

The company now counts approximately 523,000 vehicles under subscription, over 24,000 global businesses, 27 billion miles tracked and more than 62 billion data points collected to provide key benchmarking and business intelligence insights for companies looking to better manage expenses, employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

In addition to the expansion of its customer base, Fleetmatics has experienced tremendous growth itself over the past 10 years. From its start in Dublin, Ireland, the company has swelled to having employees on three continents and four countries. Earlier this year, Fleetmatics expanded operations into both Mexico and Australia. It currently has offices in Dublin, London, Sydney, Boston, Chicago, Charlotte, Cleveland, Phoenix, and Clearwater.

"Our commitment to providing fleet-based businesses with the tools needed to work smarter and more efficiently has helped our subscription number to reach approximately 523,000 and our number of customers to hit more than 24,000," said Jim Travers, Fleetmatics' chairman and CEO.

To recognize customer ingenuity and success, Fleetmatics invited customers from around the world to submit stories about how Fleetmatics' products have made a positive impact on the business to crown a "Story of the Decade" winner. Of 10 finalists, DRF Trusted Property Solutions, a plumbing contractor headquartered in the Chicago area, was voted to have the story of the decade, following an online vote.

DRF Trusted Property Solutions installed the Fleetmatics system in 20 vehicles in 2009. Not long after the installation, the company experienced the theft of one of its vehicles from a job site. Besides the cost of the vehicle, thousands of dollars of parts and water heaters were in the truck. The company's call center manager was able to pull up the Fleetmatics dashboard and work with local police to pinpoint the exact location of the stolen vehicle. After a 45-minute chase, the police quickly found the truck with the thief in the back of the vehicle. According to Kim Anderson, "[that] single incident saved us more than we will spend on our Fleetmatics service for years to come."

The company was lauded by Berg Insight as the largest provider of fleet management solutions in the Americas in October, awarded the Silver Stevie Award in the "Fastest Growing Tech Company of the Year – up to 2,500 employees" category in September and named the fleet management technology market leader in terms of vehicle market share by ABI Research in May. Additionally, Fleetmatics won a Stevie Award in February for superior use of technology in customer service.

For further information on the 10th anniversary, visit: https://www.verizonconnect.com/solutions/gps-fleet-tracking-software/.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet