Photo: Tata

Photo: Tata

Indian automaker Tata Motors recently launched a range of next-generation Tata Prima heavy commercial vehicles in the UAE and Oman. The launch of the Tata Prima in UAE and Oman marks the introduction of a new range of next-generation commercial vehicles with a series of applications in both the countries, according to the automaker.

In the UAE, Tata Motors launched two variants in Dubai with dealer-partners – United Diesel and in Abu Dhabi with Dalma Motors. In Oman, Tata Motors launched three variants with partners Al Hasher & Company. Tata Motors launched the Prima 4438.S (4X2) tractor head and Prima 4038.K (6X4) Construction tipper in the UAE. In Oman, the Prima will be available as a Prime mover, Rigid Tipper, and Tanker in the 4×2 and 6×4 configuration, with the Prima 4438.S and the Prima 4038.K catering to fleet owners, goods transportation, construction, and waste management companies.

The Tata Prima is available in different trims, including multi-axle trucks, tractor-trailers and tippers, apt for several applications, thus meeting varied end-user requirements. With the range extending up to 49 tonnes and engine options up to 560 hp, the Tata Prima is an ideal work horse for movement of goods and material across distances and terrains, at the same time delivering efficiencies to a trucking business.

Besides focusing on the mechanics of the vehicle, the uniqueness of the Tata Prima is that its cab focuses on driver comfort, according to the automaker. The cockpit of the Tata Prima is both functional and visually ergonomic with a separation in terms of the working and living area. The cabin is air-conditioned, with roomie occupants’ space, includes reclining seats, armrests, an adjustable steering system, a music system and Global Positioning System (GPS) as a standard feature.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet