Photo of Transit courtesy of Ford.

Photo of Transit courtesy of Ford.

Service fleets added the most commercial vans among non-rental entities in 2015 for parcel delivery, HVAC, heath services and other sectors, according to new data from Ford and IHS Automotive. Only individuals and large truck rental fleets added more vans.

Sales of full-size and compact vans have been surging in recent years with the arrival of more fuel efficient Euro-style vans and an economic recovery bolstering sales. Ford sold 220,586 vans in 2015, a 32% increase from the prior year and the most vans sold by Ford since 1978.

Data provided to shows a vocational breakdown of van registrations in 2015 in the top 11 categories. The data was provided by Ford and sourced from IHS Automotive. The data also covered wholesale/retail, construction, bus transportation, unclassified, utility services, manufacturing, government, and general freight. Cargo, passenger, and cutaway models have been included.

The leasing and rental category logged 96,485 vans in 2015 from large truck rental companies such as U-Haul, Penske, and Ryder. The category also includes fleet lessors such as Enterprise Leasing.

Individuals, including owner-operators, registered 72,353 vans for miscellaneous purposes. There were also 15,884 unclassified vans for an undefined use.

Among commercial purchasers, service fleets added 57,720 units for auto repair, health services, HVAC, plumbing, parcel delivery services, and parking services.

Vocational users in the wholesale/retail category added 22,952 vans. These users include merchant wholesalers, sales branches and offices, marketing of products and merchandising to contractors. Retailing includes establishments engaged in selling merchandise for personal or household consumption.

Construction fleets added 21,087 vans for residential, non-residential, road and highway construction and special trade contractors.

Bus transportation users added 16,891 passenger vans.

Utility services registrations reached 13,747 vans for organizations providing government-regulated public services.

Manufacturing registrations for companies engaged in mechanical and chemical transformation of materials into component parts or new products reached 10,981 in 2015.

There were 9,733 vans registered for use by government agencies, and 9,145 added for lease or rental firms engaged in local or over-the-road trucking.

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