Photo courtesy of MetTel.

Photo courtesy of MetTel.

New York City-based MetTel will offer a mobile workforce solution called Fleet Management Solutions to help companies and municipal governments connect their workforce and vehicle fleet assets to the internet.

The telematics product enables organizations to send, receive, retrieve, and store information about vehicles, telecommunication devices, and employees through MetTel's network of 650 carriers in more than 170 countries. The system allows iPhones and other devices or workforce apps to connect to the network.

"As transportation functions become digitized, MetTel Fleet will ensure your fleet assets and mobile workers aren't just isolated dots on a map," said Ryan Crandell, director of MetTel Fleet Management. "We have the power to connect the dots and activate your mobile workforce as one cohesive, productive and efficient unit that drives the business forward."

The telematics platform provides six core areas of focus, including a Software as a Service (SaaS)-based management portal, mobile worker apps, mobile management apps, remote camera, dispatch and route planning, and motor carrier services.

A national transportation company has already adopted MetTel's Fleet Management Solutions to deliver more packages with fewer resources in less time, according to the company. The product also helps the company automate, monitor and manage regulatory and compliance needs, including ELD, HOS, IFTA, DVIR and FMCSA regulations.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet