JC Towing can send drivers turn-by-turn directions directly to the TomTom portable navigation device in the cab. The driver simply accepts the job and starts the journey.

JC Towing can send drivers turn-by-turn directions directly to the TomTom portable navigation device in the cab. The driver simply accepts the job and starts the journey.

TomTom, a provider of location and navigation solutions, offers a suite of devices and Web-based tools for fleet management and driver usage. The company’s user-friendly navigation devices help drivers get to customers faster and improve communication and safety, while real-time traffic updates automatically re-route vehicles to save time and fuel.  The devices and online tools work together to provide precise vehicle tracking, lower operating costs and increased productivity.

The company’s WORKsmart fleet management solutions integrate navigation, dispatch and tracking through a combination of online applications and ready-to-use devices that are customizable for different fleet needs.
web-based Applications

The company’s suite of Web-based tools include the TomTom WEBFLEET online application, which enables fleet management 24 hours a day from any PC and includes features such as message sending and receiving, coordinating movements, KPI monitoring and report drafting.

The TomTom WEBFLEET.connect is an open architecture version of WEBFLEET and enables users to incorporate data from WEBFLEET to create an integrated solution using systems already installed.

TomTom’s LIVE Services application delivers real-time and journey-relevant information direct to a TomTom device, which includes traffic reports, fixed and mobile camera locations, nearby shops and businesses and local weather forecasts.

Driver-friendly Devices

TomTom’s easy-to-install devices range from navigation application to tracking and work hour logbooks. The GO 7000 is the company’s portable navigation device and features an integrated speaker and microphone, extended battery life, Bluetooth connectivity and real-time traffic information.

The LINK 300 is a smaller, installable device that provides an open two-way communication channel between the main office and driver. It also transmits its own location coordinates so the vehicle can be tracked 24 hours a day over the WEBFLEET online solution.

The Remote LINK Working Time device enables each employee to identify himself and record his working status by pressing a button on the remote. This information is sent automatically back to the office through the LINK 300, allowing managers to run reports on when employees started, paused and stopped work.

The Remote LINK Logbook device also utilizes a remote and enables employees to click a button to register a journey as work-related, a commute or personal travel. The information is transmitted back to the office via the LINK 300 and accessed from the WEBFLEET application. Fleet managers can monitor individual and group mileage by day, week and month or year, and all data can be integrated with payroll and billing systems.

Favorable Results

San Diego, Calif.-based towing company JC Towing installed the TomTom fleet management solution after having trouble with two other management systems. The first system took too long to update while the vendor of the second system was having problems with installation and support. Since making the switch, JC Towing has been able to route vehicles more efficiently, save money by tracking operator behavior, and improve customer satisfaction through information and report sharing.

Henry’s Wrecker Service, based in Washington DC, has also made the switch and has seen improved productivity on both the dispatch side and driver side. Henry’s has been able to curb unauthorized usage of the trucks, reduce idle time and improve response time for customer service-related requests.