Get iZup and Prevent Distracted Driving

Developed by Illume Software, iZup is a family of applications designed to leverage a mobile device’s GPS to divert text messages, emails and phone calls while the user is driving. The iZup family is available for more than 120 different smartphones, according to the manufacturer.

The orginal iZup allows three preprogrammed phone numbers and unlimited access to 911 but blocks all other mobile device functions. The program runs through GPS, and self-activates when vehicle speed surpasses 5 mph.

A second product, iZup Lite, blocks texting functions only, while a third option, iZup Enterprise, is specifically designed for organizations with large mobile workforces. This product features advanced administrative and reporting capabilities, including a tamper alert feature, which reports to managers when a driver is trying to get around the software.

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ZoomSafer Offers Software and Analytics to Battle Distracted Driving

FleetSafer Mobile from ZoomSafer was designed to automatically encourage safe and legal use of cell phones while driving. Fleet-Safer

Mobile consists of three components: an administrative portal to create, configure and manage cell phone policies; a client software application installed on the driver’s BlackBerry or Android smart phone; and a company-defined trigger mechanism.

FleetSafer automatically activates “safe mode” when employees begin driving, preventing them from texting, emailing or browsing — but still allows them to make and receive phone calls.

FleetSafer Vision is an analytics service for ARI fleets equipped with telematics systems.  FleetSafer Vision combines cell phone usage data and vehicle trip data so employers can empirically measure employee use of cell phones while driving.

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Got2bWireless Offers Hands-free Solution

Got2bWireless now offers three car kits which can be integrated with a factory stereo for complete hands-free capability with Got2bVoice. In November, the company will add VoiceSync and VoiceCom, hands-free, voice-control car kits that are powered solely through voice-trigger technology.

Got2bVoice was designed to allow drivers to send and receive emails and text messages or update their Facebook and Twitter statuses. The car kits also allow access to weather, traffic, movie and restaurant information, as well as other browsing capabilities. The technology uses Bluetooth 2.1 and can download up to 4,000 contacts into the vehicle, and also includes full-duplex communication with noise cancellation and digital signal-processing technology. A visor-mounted, portable car kit also is available. The company’s software is compatible with any mobile phone with Bluetooth capabilities, according to the maker.

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