BOB Card Offers Multiple Benefits

Business Owners Benefit (BOB), a privately owned insurance company that provides services and products for small businesses, has launched a new auto club designed specifically for business fleets with light- to medium-duty vehicles.

The auto club card combines towing services from the InterStar Towing Network, fuel management services from Wright Express and other benefits onto one card. The towing services are available 24/7 and the first tow is free. Other benefits include discounted tire purchases from Michelin, fuel price protection and access to repair shops that offer pre-negotiated regional rates.

Qualified vehicles must have fewer than three axles and a GVW of less than 24,000 pounds.

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OnTerra Systems Launches Web Routing Tool

OnTerra Systems recently introduced RouteSavvy Online, a new route optimization tool for small business fleets and individual drivers. The new tool was designed to provide the best route for multiple appointments or errands, carpools and more.

Designed to run in any web browser, users can enter a list of destinations manually, upload a spreadsheet containing the addresses or select locations on a map of their area. Once the addresses are entered, users can plan their route as a round trip or choose from a variety of one-way routes.

Steve Milroy, OnTerra Systems’ president and co-founder, noted, "At just $5 a month per vehicle, RouteSavvy Online can pay for itself within days or weeks of deployment."

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TomTom Launches PRO 7150 TRUCK

TomTom’s commercial fleet division has unveiled the PRO 7150 TRUCK routing tool. Designed to provide truck drivers and fleet managers with automated routing that takes into account vehicle profiles as well as road attributes and restrictions, PRO 7150 uses TomTom’s map and traffic data to ensure that each trip is optimized.

The new tool favors main roads over secondary roads and avoids sharp turns and U-turns. PRO 7150 also accounts for weight and dimension limitations to avoid low-bridge clearances, as well as load characteristics such as HAZMAT restrictions. Safety features include road-restriction and dead-end warnings that alert drivers to oncoming dangers; advanced lane guidance to maneuver difficult intersections; hands-free dialing; and a clear, 5-inch touchscreen display to minimize in-cab distraction.

PRO 7150 TRUCK includes nationwide map coverage of national, state and provincial highways in the U.S. and Canada, including last-mile restriction coverage in most major truck-relevant municipalities.

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