Heated Wiper Blade Removes Ice Buildup

Photo courtesy of Enzo's Cleaning Solutions

Photo courtesy of Enzo's Cleaning Solutions

Enzo’s Cleaning Solutions is offering a heated wiper blade technology. Thermalblade heats the squeegee that touches the vehicle’s windshield, “wiping away the cold.”

The Thermalblade removes snow and ice build-up on the wipers, reducing build-up on the windshield to increase visibility and safety. By reducing build-up, it can also decrease wiper motor repairs.

Additionally, Thermalblades can eliminate the possibility of scratching a windshield due to a broken wiper.

Thermalblades can be useful for fleet vehicles, plow trucks, police cars, or any vehicle that is on the road during the winter, according to the company.

The blade reaches temperatures of 95 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit on the window at freezing outside temperatures. Wiper sizes range from 12 inches up to 28 inches.

For more information, visit www.enzoscleaning.com.

Six-In-One Gadget Keeps Winter Drivers Safe

Photo courtesy of Secur Products

Photo courtesy of Secur Products

Driving in winter conditions can be dangerous with icy roads. Secur Products provides a multifunctional gadget that can help save lives in case of an accident while on the road.

The Six-in-One Car Charger functions as a car charger, power bank, LED flashlight, emergency red flashing light, window breaker, and seat-belt cutter, according to the company.

With this gadget, drivers can light their way through a dark road, charge a cellphone to make an emergency call, break a window to escape from a trapped door, and cut through a jammed seat belt.

The multifunctional car charger retails for $34.99.

For more information, visit www.securproducts.com.

Product Provides Traction for Tires on Ice

Photo courtesy of Gala Enterprise

Photo courtesy of Gala Enterprise

Traction Magic is a crystalline compound that provides traction for tires and feet on ice. Produced by Gala Enterprise, the traction agent turns any icy surface into a surface that feels rough like sandpaper, enabling cars to get out of snow drifts.

According to the company, it works faster than salt and better than kitty litter. And Traction Magic won’t damage concrete, brick, or stone or harm pets.

First, Traction Magic absorbs moisture. There is a thin layer of water on top of ice, and with the introduction of foot or vehicle traffic, pressure melting causes an increase in the water layer. This accelerates the slippage potential, which is why people and vehicles slip and slide.

Second, it grips the ice. When the product is applied, tiny particles grab onto the ice to create a sandpaper-like feel. This is what creates the traction for a vehicle or your feet.

Traction Magic floats on the surface of the melting ice so that it is safe to travel until that patch of ice is gone. It contains no salts or chemicals and will work in all temperatures.

For more information, visit www.tractionmagic.com.

Thermosteel Heats Tools in Storage Unit

Photo courtesy of KNAACK

Photo courtesy of KNAACK

KNAACK’s Thermosteel storage box is engineered to keep supplies at optimal temperatures. Designed for contractors working in cold environments, the Thermosteel is a heated storage unit that can save money, reduce downtime, and prevent damage to tools and materials due to freezing temperatures.

According to KNAACK, the heating element should be plugged in when jobsite temperatures drop below 40 degrees to protect supplies from extreme temperatures.

Along with the heated functionality, the Thermosteel has all of the traditional KNAACK storage box features, including security, durability, and productivity.

Specific features include TOOL KAGE door and thermal blanket to protect paints, batteries, and safety gear from extreme temperatures; junk trunk quick access drawers to store tools and accessories that need to be easily reached; raised chest floor to help find tools at the bottom of the chest without having to search; and the Watchman IV locking system to keep tools secured.

Thermosteel is available on four of the top-selling KNAACK storage chests (79-H, 89-H, 79-DH, and 89-DH).

For more information, visit www.knaack.com.