The Travel Industry Association of America's Summer 2002 Travelometer says that Americans will take more than 233 million person-trips between June and August, up two percent over the same period a year ago, according to Yahoo! News. Travelers are being more economical this year. They plan to spend an average of $1,066 on their longest pleasure trip this summer, down 9 percent from the $1,172 they spent last year. The growing trend to see the USA via automobile is not limited to the leisure traveler, according to Yahoo News. The Business Travel Coalition asked 184 corporations with annual domestic air travel budgets of $2.9 billion how the current economy will affect their spending in 2002. It is hardly a surprise that the cost cutting efforts that began last year will continue. In addition to opting for the use of cars on trips of less than 500 miles, 78 percent of the companies are increasing the use of technology-based substitutes such as video conferencing, according to the Coalition.