According to the website, almost 25 percent of Americans chose to lease vehicles last year rather than going with a traditional bank loan. That's up from the less than 10 percent a decade ago. The website claims to provide an opportunity for consumers to evaluate their leasing options and shop for the best deal among a group of lenders. Visitors to the site can read a six step Auto Lease 101 discussion and work though the process at their leisure without the pressure of sales people. A brief list of the steps follows.
  • Step One - Is Leasing for You? - Consumers review brief questions about their car use and buying habits to see if leasing makes sense. Individuals who are accustomed to always having a car payment, who prefer driving cars under the manufacturer's warranty, or who need their vehicle for business purposes often see leasing as an advantage.
  • Step Two - Choosing Your Vehicle - Leases are difficult and costly to break and customers should consider vehicles that hold their value and should take the time to test drive the vehicle before committing.
  • Step Three - Negotiating a Price - While many people focus on finding the lowest lease payment, negotiating a good price for the car prior to arranging the lease terms lowers the overall cost of the deal.
  • Step Four - Picking an Ideal Term - 36 month leases are standard but for some people, considering cars with a good reliability history, a longer lease might make sense.
  • Step Five - Mileage Considerations - Consumers should estimate accurately the miles they intend to drive over the term of the lease.
  • Step Six - Putting Money Down - Large down payments may make the monthly burden easier, but the site argues that lump sums are lost in the case where a vehicle is totaled or stolen. It makes more sense to bank the down payment and slowly use it for payments over the life of the lease.
    According to the company, once shoppers have decided on their lease terms, provides a tool to evaluate leasing options from a number of sources. Customers can actually lock in the lease quote they like and in a matter of minutes apply for credit via a secured server. They receive a leasing package detailing terms and vehicle delivery. Tarry Shebesta, president and owner of Automobile Consumer Services, Inc. (ACS) the lease facilitator for, notes "visitors to often call our customer service center before finalizing their lease request online. They want to know what the catch is and are surprised to find there is none. They really do save money by taking the time to compare." About Automobile Consumer Services, Inc.
    ( Based in Cincinnati, Automobile Consumer Services, Inc. (ACS) is a provider of consumer automotive services, including car buying and leasing, fleet resources, vehicle remarketing, and used vehicle sales.