Ford Motor Co.'s Quality Fleet Care (QFC) program, its centralized fleet service billing program for Ford fleet customers, has added Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) as a payment option for its customers. The new payment option follows the April announcement of a reduced administrative fee structure which caps QFC fees on repair services performed at Ford, Lincoln and Mercury dealers for cars and light trucks, and features no fees for services on F650 - F750 medium trucks. QFC fees were previously dropped on tire purchases and related services as part of Ford's national Tire Program. "The goal is to continue to add value to the program for our Ford customers," said David Peterson, Ford's Quality Fleet Care manager. "Reduced fees are just a piece of that value. We report on warranty repairs at no added charge and provide business reports on our website at no cost to our customers." According to Peterson, reporting on recall completion for QFC customers is planned for later this year. More information about Ford's Quality Fleet Care program can be obtained by calling (800) 367-3221 or by visiting