Ford Motor Co. plans to add a high-performance version of its five-door Focus car this year as the second-largest automaker tries to boost sales by expanding its lineup of small-volume vehicles, according to a Bloomberg News story by Bill Koenig. Ford will begin selling the five-door SVT Focus in the U.S. this fall as a 2003 model, spokesman Mark Schirmer said. The company wants to keep the price under $20,000, he said, declining to disclose the price. Ford already sells a three-door SVT Focus and expects to produce a total of about 12,000 three- and five-door 2003-model SVT Focus cars, Schirmer said. SVT stands for Special Vehicle Team, which develops more powerful, high-performance versions of Ford's cars and light trucks. The group also is developing a new version of the GT40 sports car for sale next year. Ford executives have said the high-performance models boost the automaker's image, helping with sales of its entire lineup.