@Road, a provider of location-enhanced wireless Internet solutions for mobile resource management (MRM), has been selected by Verizon to provide mobile resource management services to help manage Verizon field operations. Under the deployment plan, @Road will host and deliver a suite of MRM services to Verizon using the patented @Road LocationSmart(SM) technology platform. Using the global positioning system (GPS) satellite network, wireless communications and the Internet, the LocationSmart technology platform provides mobile service organizations with a suite of management services, including activity and workflow reporting, mapping, location-on-demand and maintenance scheduling. Additionally, Verizon will use the new @Road DirectData service, which feeds business-critical data from the field directly to Verizon's computer systems. According to @Road, the technology is designed to increase the effective utilization of mobile workers, control operations costs and improve the delivery of customer service. Verizon evaluated a number of alternatives prior to selecting @Road as its primary mobile resource management services provider. During the evaluation process, @Road and Verizon collaborated on several pilot programs, which currently include more than 2,500 @Road subscribers. Verizon employs more than 20,000 mobile workers across a number of lines of business. "We are very pleased to announce this deployment plan with the leading provider of telecommunications services in the United States," said Krish Panu, CEO of @Road. "This contract with Verizon further supports our belief that the @Road LocationSmart platform is a critical tool for improving the efficiency of mobile service organizations in today's competitive telecommunications environment." About @Road Based in Fremont, Calif., @Road is a publicly held company that provides location-enhanced wireless Internet solutions for mobile resource management. Its patented LocationSmart technology platform combines wireless, positioning and XML technologies with the Internet into a fully integrated network that supports the delivery of location-enhanced wireless Internet services for businesses and mobile professionals. For more information, visit www.atroad.com.