Multiforce Systems Corporation unveiled July 30 its new 894 series of fuel management controllers for their FuelForce automated fueling system. FuelForce authorizes and controls the dispensing of products to fleet vehicles from any number of sites while collecting fuel usage and vehicle data for fleet management. The company says the FF894 family of products brings the FuelForce software to a broad range of customers that want to manage their fuel, but where other options were either too expensive or provided little power and flexibility. "We are excited about introducing this new low cost controller now when money is tight, but the need for fuel control is greater than ever," said Tom Bates, president of Multiforce. "Our distributors and alliance partners are excited about this new line because it opens up a whole new level of business that was previously closed to them. We believe our customers will like the ability to purchase an entry level system that can be upgraded as their needs increase." Priced below $5,000, the company says the FF894 controller's features compare favorably with competitors' high-end systems at a lower cost. The basic FF894A site controller comes with a numeric keypad that supports FuelForce's popular distributed database. This gives the customer the ability to validate vehicles and drivers from a positive list stored at each site and to check meter readings for reasonability without the use of keys, cards or other devices. The 894 will also support a standard magnetic stripe card reader capable of authorizing fuel from the bulk fueling site or through an outside clearinghouse via Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Voyager, WEX, and other major credit cards and fleet cards. Also, the FF894 can communicate to a central host computer with CDPD modems and can be upgraded to run on the customer's wide area network. Initially, Multiforce will market the 894 series with and without a card reader and also offers a special truck mounted version for fleets that perform mobile fueling. Multiforce Systems Corporation, founded in 1981, say they pioneered the concept of an automated fueling system that required no cards, keys, or other input devices for authorization. The first FuelForce automated fueling system was installed in 1984. Today, FuelForce serves over 100 customers at more than 650 sites across the country. Multiforce designs, builds and maintains its own controllers and develops all software in-house. Additional information can be found on the Multiforce website at