Whether you have five or 50 company vehicles, Ford says its Extended Service Plans (ESP) can provide you with the support to help manage your fleet more efficiently. "At Ford, we're well aware that vehicle maintenance and repairs can represent a good portion of the vehicle's overall operating costs," said Bob Rehn, Extended Service Plan program manager. "So, finding ways to manage those costs and ensure repairs are done properly can help our fleet customers administer their vehicles much more efficiently. Our Ford Extended Service Plans provide simple, convenient solutions for businesses to maintain, service and repair their Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles," Rehn said. With a Ford ESP, managers can budget fleet expenses more easily and much more predictably, according to Rehn. "If you think about it, you can lock in tomorrow's costs at today's rates and pre-pay vehicle maintenance expenses if you choose," Rehn said. He added, "Ford ESP coverage will last well into the ownership cycle for what is essentially pennies a day." Flexibility to Choose Additionally, Ford ESP offers the flexibility to choose from various time, distance and component coverage options that fit a fleet customer's particular needs, according to Rehn. If you need regular maintenance performed more often than normal due to special fleet vehicle operating conditions, you can choose the "optional service" Quality Care Maintenance Protection Plan, which provides coverage on scheduled maintenance intervals every 3,000 miles. Ford ESP Maintenance and Wear coverage can be combined with many PowertrainCARE, BaseCARE, ExtraCARE and PremiumCARE time and mileage coverages. The top coverage of PremiumCARE includes over 500 vehicle components. Variety of Plans According to Rehn, "Ford ESP comes in a variety of plans to fit a wide range of driving habits and business fleet needs. Considering such variables as how much you drive, how much coverage you want, and how much you are willing to spend per vehicle, we'll have a plan that fits your needs." Although component coverage is at the heart of any extended service plan, Rehn said Ford ESP coverage also includes many additional benefits, such as emergency roadside assistance, towing expense and rental car reimbursements, and deductible options. "If you sell a vehicle, the resale value may be higher since any remaining Ford ESP coverage can be transferred to the new owner for a nominal fee," Rehn said. Honored at 4,600 Dealerships Added to this is the peace of mind protection your drivers will have in knowing that your vehicles have Ford ESP coverage, according to Rehn. Ford ESP is honored at more than 4,600 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury dealerships across the United States and Canada. "If you're business is based on the West Coast and your driver is on the East Coast, it doesn't matter," Rehn explained. "He or she can bring the vehicle to the nearest dealer for service or repairs. The service department employee can enter the vehicle identification number into their computer system to find out what repairs have been previously performed on the vehicle, exactly what Ford ESP coverage is on the vehicle, and process the claim on the spot." Factory-Trained Technicians You and your drivers can also have peace of mind knowing that services and repairs are being performed by factory-trained Quality Care Auto Service technicians at Ford, Lincoln and Mercury dealerships, according to Rehn. "Whether your vehicles require scheduled maintenance or more complicated repair work, nobody knows Ford, Lincoln or Mercury vehicles better than Quality Care technicians," Rehn said. "They use Genuine Ford and Motorcraft parts and they have state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to help keep your vehicle fleet on the road, operating efficiently and at peak performance." For More Information For additional details on Ford ESP, you can consult your local Ford, Lincoln or Mercury dealer. You can also call (800) 367-3377, or visit www.ford-esp.com.