Green Star Products, Inc., formerly BAT International, Inc., announced August 20 that it has completed an independently verified test run of a high mileage "SuperCar" that achieved 99 miles per gallon. The two-door 1994 Geo Metro completed a set of laps around the California Speedway on August 19, traveling at a 45 mph constant speed to evaluate the effects of several products including a special Spiro Exhaust device, SuperBAT TVT Anti-Friction Metal Treatment lubricants and Green Star Bio-Fuel. According to the company, the run provided an opportunity to evaluate how various GSPI products now entering the market could work together to achieve an overall fuel efficiency goal. The Geo Metro had a standard diesel engine (3 cylinder Kabota), so that most fuel efficiency improvements were the result of the exhaust, lubricants and a high efficiency biodiesel fuel. The company said the run was certified by a set of independent consultants including a consultant in the petroleum industry and other independent parties. Measuring a difference in volume of the fuel after a 10-lap run on the 2-mile-long circuit verified the fuel economy. Speed was verified by timing every lap. The very high fuel efficiency goal was achieved using a very low-tech car and engine that was coupled with high-tech aftermarket products. The test was intended to provide data on how several products that improve fuel efficiency and/or lower pollution would work together to achieve a combined fuel efficiency result.