"Aftermarket product use by the average light truck climbed to $481 during 2001 compared to only $323 in aftermarket products purchased for the average passenger car last year," reported Jim Lang, president of Lang Marketing Resources, Inc., (www.langmarketing.com), a Wyckoff, New Jersey research and consulting firm specializing in the Vehicle Products Industry. "Passenger cars in the U.S. averaged $336 in 1996 aftermarket product use at user-price compared to only $323 during 2001, a $13 decline in aftermarket product volume for the average car over this five-year span," noted Lang. "In sharp contrast, aftermarket product use by the average light truck climbed from $428 in 1996 to $481 during 2001, a $53 increase in user-price in current dollars," stated Lang. Aftermarket product volume for the average passenger car slipped from $325 to $323 between 2000 and 2001, with light trucks posting only a minimal increase in 2001 average vehicle use compared to the previous year, $481 versus $480. As a result, aftermarket product volume for the average light vehicle (cars and light trucks) slipped to $383 during 2001, down from $384 the previous year. "Light vehicle aftermarket product growth for 2001 was generated solely by the increase in cars and light trucks on U.S. roads", noted Lang. While aftermarket product use by the average passenger car declined between 1996 and 2001, product volume for the average light vehicle (passenger cars and light trucks) climbed from $369 during 1996 in current dollars at user-price to $383 per vehicle during 2001. Light trucks generated all of this increase in average light vehicle aftermarket product use, while they also were responsible for the entire $9.1 bil-lion gain in total light vehicle aftermarket product volume over this five-year span. "Differences in aftermarket product consumption by the average car and light truck reflect a myriad of factors," said Lang, "ranging from shifts in the age mix of cars versus light trucks, different costs of aftermarket products for cars versus light trucks, as well as heavier accessory purchases by customers for light trucks than for passenger cars." "Light trucks will continue to drive aftermarket demand and alter aftermarket product mix over the next five years," predicted Lang. "Light trucks will significantly determine what aftermarket products are purchased, where they are purchased, and the volume of those purchases." This analysis is from The Lang Report, a 16-page monthly report covering the vehicle products industry. For more information and free sample copies of The Lang Report, contact Lang Marketing Resources, Inc., P.O. Box 32, Wyckoff, New Jersey 07481, call (201) 652-5220, fax (201) 652-5324, or e-mail: langreport@langmarketing.com.