Kelley Blue Book, a resource for used and new automotive information, said it generated more than 32 million pricing reports on its Web site during the month of August. Based on the number of pricing reports requested, Chevy/GMC and Ford pickups were once again the most researched new vehicles. Both pickups from Chevrolet, the Silverado and Sierra and the Ford F Series pickups have remained in the top 5 most researched new vehicles since January of this year. Over the last eight months, the Silverado and Sierra have maintained the top spot six times. The Ford Series claimed the crown in June and came in just shy of Chevy during the other months. "While the market is clamoring about SUVs, the reality is that light trucks have been a best seller for a long time," Charlie Vogelheim, executive editor, Kelley Blue Book. "Our most-searched lists mimic the national data of overall vehicle sales, and it's safe to say there are more trucks on the road than cars." During both April and May, pickup trucks from both OEMs fell back to second and fourth place, dethroned by two Honda models, the Civic and Accord. The rugged trucks came back with a vengeance this summer, reclaiming the top spots June through August. About Kelley Blue Book:
Based in Irvine, California, Kelley Blue Book has been a resource for car-buying research and information since 1926. Top 50 - Most Popular Cars on During August 2002