Reuters reported Sept. 17 that General Motors vice chairman Bob Lutz has said that the company will match the quality of Japanese rivals Toyota and Honda in two to three years, but it will take longer for the public to acknowledge the gains. “In two to three years' time, we will match Toyota and Honda - not only in [initial quality surveys], we are going to match them in long-term durability and reliability," GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz told Reuters en route to a media event in Austin, Texas. But Lutz said he thought it would take about five years for GM's improved quality to be recognized by the buyers, Reuters added. Lutz also told Reuters that GM has "an army of guys" trained in problem solving to determine the cause of any problem. Lutz reported that GM has cut in half the time it takes to put the solution to any problem into production on the assembly line. Lutz also told Reuters that GM's improved quality is resulting in savings on warranty costs.