Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety (Advocates) is currently urging highway and auto safety in America. With public support for safer highways at an all-time high, Advocates says they are working to pass strong federal and state laws that will put a stop to preventable deaths on our nation's roads. Advocates' legislative and regulatory priorities include 21 action items it sees as necessary to reduce injuries and deaths on our nation's roadways, such as adoption of strong seat belt and child safety seat laws in every state, better rollover standards, improved intersection safety, and strengthened truck safety measures. The coalition says more corporate citizens are stepping up to assist in this fight. New England's largest auto glass replacement company, J.N. Phillips Auto Glass, recognized the value of partnering with Advocates to save lives and prevent injuries. "Our primary concern as a company is to maintain the highest degree of safety for our customers," said J.N. Phillips President Bob Rosenfield. "The partnership with Advocates strengthens and supports our safety guarantee, and it expands J.N. Phillips' role in saving lives. There is no better way to show our customers that safety is our first priority." J.N. Phillips Auto Glass this year pledged a portion of its profits to Advocates.